Words can’t express how I am feeling right now. I am so numb. The picture on the top left was my home and our ministry.  I praise God that my daughter just happen to be staying with me for a short while.  I am sorry that she had to live through this, but if she hadn’t been with me I don’t know if I would have made it out alive.

It normally takes 30 minutes to get to Chico from Paradise, it took us 4.5 hours driving through with fire all around us. Never in my life did I think I would experience something like this. I praise God for sparing our lives!

I will try my best to bring you up to date with what is our plan. As always we will be seeking God for His direction. As of now we want to mention that the house we were currently using was a rental which highly affected the freedom we had in housing women. Before this tragedy happened we had already planned over the next year to raise the funding we needed to purchase a home. So I am asking you to please pray and ask God if you are to have any part in helping us rebuild the ministry of the House of Redeeming Love. I truly believe God is not finished yet with this ministry. I also believe it will be better than ever.

Remember all donations given through the House of Redeeming Love are tax deductible, so if you are looking for a year-end deduction this is a place you can invest into the lives of women and young girls. You can go to houseofredeeminglove.org, you will eventually be asked to “choose” a missionary you will scroll down and find House of Redeeming Love. Or you can send checks to the address listed below, make checks payable to HRL. We truly appreciate anything that you can do to help during this challenging time.

Our mailing address is:
Dorella Troup

15850 Richardson Springs Rd
Chico CA 95973
website: houseofredeeminglove.org